Triple Treat Sublimation Box

Triple Treat Sublimation Box

Here at Tagged, we aim to give you the option of helping us create something awesome on YOUR budget!

Sublimation is a permenant print that will never fade or wash off unlike vinyl which Semi-Permenant customizations.


$40 includes (3) main matching customized items:

  • Keychain
  • Compact Mirror
  • Insulated Sublimation tumbler (12 oz. Coffee/Tea, 20oz. Regular)


Feel free to send up to 5 pictures to add to your tumbler (please contact us with pictures to be added).


Additional pictures will have an upcharge.

Picture collages will have an upcharge. 10 Picture maximum.

Style/ theme will be based upon your taste. Choose one color or a style/theme and we take it from there!


Each box will come with an additional small item and a personalized box with name & bow/ribbon.